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Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010


- Mother -

Mother is our love.mother is our heaven.and mother is leader our life.mother is very important for our life,with mother we can born in this world.with mother we can see all beautiful in this world.with mother we can sip fresh air in this world.without mother,we shall not enjoy everything in this world.mother is gold,mother always illuminate our life.our mothers' love to us is big very much,but our love to our mothers is very little.all mothers always give best to their child,because they want their child be a succes person.a willing mother does to whatever to their child because they love their child.a mother often cry if their child hurt their feel.remember!our mother contains us during 9 months so we don't hurt their,the conclusion of all  is we must love our mothers very much,we must obey thier command.ok,i hope to future we can do it.(aRif M y)

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