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Selasa, 08 Juni 2010


be a wise person.

this time.i will speak about wise.i fell to look for wise is very difficult.because not all persons have a wise.i think wise is very important for
us,and wise is very valuable for us too,with wise,we can look for job easily,we can look for happiness easily,we can look for friends easily and others.we now,in this era there are many bad persons in our to  find wise person is very difficult.and wise equal to is metal noble,and   we know  that gold very valuable in our life.and gold is very expensive in our life and gold will be then valuable until when even also,so many people do consider wise same mean with gold.roger wise person and if now you is not wise,so try to be wise person for future.we must know that if we become wise person to future,so our life will
be beatifull forever.latest,i hope all people at indonesia or all country can be wise and can study about WISE.

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