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Sabtu, 03 April 2010


Rujak,tradisional food made in east java,Surabaya.

rujak cingur one of the tradisional food easy is found at east java region, especially region originally surabaya. rujak cingur usually consist of slice several fruits kinds likes cucumber, krai (of a kind java special cucumber east), bengkoang, young mango, pineapple, kedondong and augmenting lontong, know, tempe, bendoyo and cingur with vegetables like sprout/bean sprouts, kangkung and string bean. all ingredients a while ago mixed with sauce or made flavor from olahan petis shrimp, ripe water to a little thinneds, red sugar/sugar, chilli, peanut that fried, fried onion, salt and green seed banana thin slice that still young (banana klutuk). all sauce/flavors is mixed by menguleg, that is because it rujak cingur also often called rujak pestle.

in the presentation rujak cingur discriminated to be two kinds, that is presentation 'usually' and 'matengan (called font e in word matengan like to called font e in word: like/called/bendoyo). presentation 'usually' or usually, shaped all ingredients that mentioned on, while 'matengan (ripe, java) only consist of ripe ingredients; lontong, fried tofu, tempe fried, bendoyo (krai that boil)ed and vegetable (kangkung, string bean, bean sprouts) that boiled. without there ingredient 'mentah' that is fruits, because basically there one who frown upon fruits. both wear sauce/flavor same.

this food is called rujak cingur because flavor that used petis shrimp and slice cingur. this matter is that distinguishes with food rujak in general usually without use ingredient cingur. rujak cingur usually presented with crisply addition,  and with covering pincuk (banana leaf) or plate. (Arif.m.y)

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