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Jumat, 02 April 2010

My Village

Semampir my village, my alive.
 my village is beautiful beautiful village and pleasant, here my village is village semampir. village semampir if seen from the geographical location, that is located in in district prambon, regency sidoarjo and provinsi east java, indonesia. this village little village category. but the member very alive harmonicly. economy supporting at this village majority based on in agriculture. agriculture tune very vast. at this village is found a elementary school that is sd prambon 1 located in highway aims to west, pulosari and if aim to east district prambon. member at village very cooperate and gotong royong in the field of whatever. semampir also found important road access for other village region citizens to be able to go to prambon village the example pulosari, village pathuk, village kendal and the other villages. .

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